Number of albums: 12


Seeking Sanctuary

Get Together

Wild Wild River

Calling the Salmon Home


Empty Pockets

Rainbow Race

One Self

Give Yourself to Love

Let It Begin with Me

There'll Come A Day




Art Opening

Out Your Window

Clown College

Decaffeinated Woman in a Caffeine World

If They Had Asked Me

My Knight In Saggy Sweatpants

Sweet Talk Blues

It's All Right (Live Version)

Place of Grace (Live Version)

A Man of Peace

For Pete's Sake, Sing!






Change in the Climate

Blue-Green Alliance Theme Song

Be Peace

Oh, Jesus!


Left Hand of God

Department of Peace

Please Don't Call It Theater (When You're Talking About War)

Mary and Julia

Instant Runoff Voting Song (IRV)


Potlucks for Peace

The Balance

Screwed Up People

Linda's Room

Song in C


Tin Can Man

Country Star

WD-40 Can

Green Pants

Rosie the Bold

I Like Your Nose

I Don't Wanna Work

35 Miles Per


The Magic's in the Glove

The Marlboro Man is Dead

The Best Laid Plans



Teach Your Children

Hollowed Ground

Pedestrian Blues

License to Litter

Music Changing


Danny Boy

Let My Life Flow Like the River

Someday Soon

Wild Wild River

What Floats My Boat

Melt Into Me

Sweet Talk Blues

A Touch of Heaven (Lesson 157)

I Am Not Healed Alone (Lesson 137)

There is No Peace Except the Peace of God (Lesson 220)

My Sinless Brother is My Guide to Peace (Lesson 351)

The Light Has Come (Lesson 75)

I Do Not Understand Anything I See (Lesson 3)

No One Can Fail Who Seeks to Reach the Truth (Lesson 131)

Let Me Remember What My Purpose Is (Lesson 257)

Let Miracles Replace All Grievances (Lesson 78)

This Holy Instant (Lesson 365)

I Could See Peace Instead of This (Lesson 34)

God Goes With Me Wherever I Go

The Peace Room

The Bingo Effect

Pioneers of Synergistic Democracy

Happy Conception Day

Rap for the Map to Cross the Gap

Lullaby for the Old World

John Ball

She Shanty

Tom Littletree

Cuckoo Round

Mary & Julia

Change in the Climate


The Food Chain Song

Caro mio ben (My dear beloved)

Nel cor piu non mi sento (In my heart I no longer feel)

Sure, on this shining night

The Secrets of the Old

Du bist wie eine blume (You are like a flower)

Quando m'en vo soletta (When I go along alone)

Deh vieni, non tardar (Beloved, don't delay)

The Jewel Song

Rusalka's Song to the Moon

Sull'aria (On the breeze)

Danny Boy

One Kiss

I'm Nobody

Why do they shut me out of Heaven

Heart, we will forget him

La ci darem la mano (Give me your hand)

Donde lieta usci (Where happily she left)

Piangero, la sorte mia (I will lament my fate)

A la luz de la luna (By the light of the moon)

Climb Ev'ry Mountain

O mio babbino caro (O, dearest daddy)

The Delta 5


St Marks Concert May 1 2016


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