A New Bottom Line

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1. Economology  (2:43)

There's a lesson that is dawning on humanity,
A species that has suffered from insanity.
It's a very simple lesson of prosperity:
The economy depend on the ecology.

Many years back in old Iraq, agriculture was invented.
Population increase, cut down all the trees - now that place a desert.

The economy depend on the ecology,
The economy depend on the ecology,
From land and sea come prosperity -
The economy depend on the ecology.

See, you and me are the economy,
and we depend on the ecology.
If the world isn't healthy, neither will we be,
Economy depend on the ecology.

There was a place called Love Canal,
People had work a-plenty.
But the factory man put poison in the land,
And now that town is empty.

The factory depend on the ecology,
The factory depend on the ecology.
Don't poison the land Mr. factory man,
The economy depend on the ecology.

I don't think war will solve a problem.
It only bring devastation.
Let's stay home and take care of our own land,
And we will have a stronger nation.

Democracy depend on the ecology,
Freedom the depend on the ecology,
Your side, my side, everybody,
Everything depend on the ecology.

Factory depend on the ecology,
University depend on the ecology,
Baseball, football, democracy,
Everything depend on the ecology.

You and me depend on ecology,
She and he depend on ecology,
All of  we depend on the ecology,
It's a lesson that is dawning on humanity.


2. Katrina  (5:09)

Katrina’s song was a wild aria full of fury and rage,
More forceful than any drama diva to blow onto the global stage.
She’s the worst hurricane we’ve ever seen,
And I don’t want to blame,
No, I don’t like that scene,
And I don’t want to put my energy there, but my God!
Hear the cries of the Earth and the air!

Katrina blows her fitful warning,
Katrina screams, “The Earth is warming!”
Her flood waters rise, gushing tears in our eyes.
The winds of change carry your name – Katrina, Katrina.

The troops we need now on our soil
Are far off fighting a war for oil,
And the fuels we’re burning fueled the force
Of Katrina’s tempestuous turmoil.
The worst storm in our history rages on in you and me.
Some pick up the remains in a world gone insane,
And we brace for the next hurricane. Katrina! Chorus

She’s still churning in our minds, still tossing in our hearts.
She’s pounding in our conscience and tearing our souls apart.
But how much do we really care?
Enough to finally become aware?
Global warming is our affair, and it’s a federal offense,
As more storms grow intense, not to act on the signs clearly there. Katrina! Chorus

In my heart there’s a hurricane. Storms rage through my every vein.
Waters rise up to our eyes, saying, “Wash away the disguise
Of those who seem to feel no pain.”
We are humbled by her power, drawn together in this hour.
What happens if we drop this ball, miss another wake up call. Chorus

3. Change in the Climate  (4:19)

There's a change in the climate, there's a change in the air,
Changes are happening everywhere.
Are we ready to notice?
Do we dare to be aware?
How can we change the atmosphere and show that we care?
By now we've heard the call,but do we heed the warning?
Do we look at Peter Pan and Santa Claus the same way we look at Global Warming?
Do we heed the tests of science, or buy the words of industry?
Can we look at what we do individually?
How can we make a difference, each one do our part
To cool the rising tides of warming, each one make a start?

Sometimes I feel like I'm standing by myself,
Though I know we're all in this together.
But let's not talk about global warming, No, No -
Let's just talk about the weather.
Now there is no magic potion, but I know that there's a plan -
We can save our skies and oceans, our forests and our land.
But to reach the ears of Congress, we're gonna have to shout.
The animals and trees can't, so we've got to work this out.


The Kyoto Treaty is reliable, it's economically viable,
But the U.S. won't ratify, and the world is standing by.
Waiting for U.S. action, feeling the Earth's dissatisfaction.
You're supposed to represent us, not choke us and cement us!
So, c'mon, U.S., RATIFY, so more people don't have to die!

The coral reefs are steeped in grief,
The ozone's feeling incomplete,
The glaciers are disappearing and who is the thief?
Big guns saying "You all worry so much, you worry warts –
You worry just ‘cause you're wearing shorts in New York in December!"
Well, I'll tell you what you can do with your CO2,
Your fluorocarbon jargon and your coal-burning soul!
Your carbon monoxide is not your best side,
So open wide and take what Mother Nature just won't take in stride!
It's a long-term friendship threatening to end -
I will not let this happen, I will fight to defend this Earth –
You are so important to me.
I will keep you safe and healthy,
and you'll do the same I’ll see.



4. Wangari (www.greenbeltmovement.org)  (5:25)

Oh, Wangari, Wangari, Wangari! (2x)

Kenya’s daughter, you have won,
You shine bright as morning sun.
All those times your dream was denied,
Now you know God is on your side!

You’re the breeze through trees above,
You have shown the power of love.
You have helped us to understand
Peace on Earth needs a living land!

You have planted freedom’s song,
Your heart lives where seeds grow strong.
Bravely, you led the women wise,
Planting peace, earned the Nobel prize!

Now your Green Belt can expand
All across this world’s great land.
Africa, come and take the lead,
Cure AIDS, heal the Earth, end the greed!

From a higher place we heal
Our Earth’s wounds and our own reveal.
Planting trees our great gift to all
Generations yet to grow tall!


5. Blue-Green Alliance Theme Song  (4:08)

Green is for the grasses, and the leaves that help us breathe.
Green is for the living Earth, that gives us all we need.
Blue is for the ocean, connecting every shore.
Blue is for the workers, from Spokane to East Timor.
We are a coalition, a union of Blue and Green,
With a deep, sustaining vision
Of work and play and Earth in harmony.
Blue and Green, Blue and Green,
Sky and land, work and man -- A union of Blue and Green.
Blue and Green together, on the pallet of our lives,
Blending for our children, our husbands and our wives,
A world where home and workplace are healthy, safe and clean,
A world of peace and plenty – a world of Blue and Green.
Blue and Green, Blue and Green,
Sky and land, work and man -- A union of Blue and Green.
Now, corporations like to say that Blue cannot meet Green,
But that is not acceptable, or true, from what we’ve seen.
We have to make it happen, and together there’s a way,
With minds and hearts in motion, making history today.


6. The Balance (www.penguinsonthinice.com)  (1:50)

How do we find the balance?
How do we find the key?
Where would you look to find it?
I want you to tell me.

How do we find the balance?
How do we level the scales?
Think about the animals – from the frogs to the whales.
And then tell me what you think,
Take time and think hard.
Think about what life is like beyond your own backyard.

How do we find the balance?
How do we find the key?
How would you like to write
The next page of history?

How would you write
The next page of history?
How do we find the balance?
How do we find the key?


7. IRV (The Instant Runoff Voting Song)  (3:38)

I wanna tell ya ‘bout the new kid on the block
By the name of I-R-V,
Now IRV’s a guy who caught my eye,
I know he could make history, yeah,
He could set our country free!

IRV is just a friendly guy,
Who only wants to serve,
And when “Get lost!” is the reply
You know IRV’s hit a nerve.

“My name is IRV, I’m a new kind of player,
I am I-R V, you’ll know me sooner or later.
When the drag-ons are dragging their feet,
Watch I-R-V comin’ down the street.”

Oooh, IRV – I hope you come to me.
I want more choice, and you give a voice
To a real democracy!

People tired of choosing from the lesser of
Evils sparrin’ with the same old gloves
IRV says “Look what you’ve been missin’,”
And some of them start a-listenin’.

You ask, “IRV, how can this be?
How can I vote for a third par-ty?
Without my vote goin’ out to sea?”
“Ah,” says IRV, “that’s my beauty!

“You see, with I-R-V you’re free to vote
Your first choice without fear,
‘Cause you can vote for your second choice, too,
So your hope won’t disappear.” Chorus

There’s a potent disease in the Beltway breeze,
But we don’t have to let it get our goat.
There’s a great way to treat the bugs on that beat,
And I-R-V could be the antidote.

Yeah, there are big bullies in that town,
At least two that I know,
They want to punch and knock I-R-V down,
But fear won’t make IRV go.

Now you don’t need to wear your politics on your sleeve,
But when the system fails you, you can believe
That there are more ways to skin a vote –
I-R-V will help democracy stay afloat.

So take a good look at I-R-V,
Lookin' better all the time,
When choices change from two to three,
You're gonna see a happier votin' line. Chorus
That’s a free republic to me!


8. Be Peace  (2:58)

I pray for peace in this world for all people (2x)
But I know prayer is not enough, not enough.
I must Be Peace, feel it in my body and soul,
Be Peace, fill my heart and mind with the glow
Only Love can show.
That’s when I will know Peace.


9. Oh, Jesus! (Sharon & the Chip-Monks)  (2:24)

Oh, Jesus! Look what’s being done in your name – Oy Gevalt!
Seems like here we go again, but it’s not your fault, you see.
Oh, Jesus, come and rescue me!

Oh, Jesus! We don’t know who wrote the Bible – what the hey!
It gives us a good story and a reason to pray, you see.
And we can kill for piety.

Oh, Jesus! When you turned the tables over – what a day!
I’d like to go to Washington and do it that way, like you.
This corporate government won’t do.

Oh, Jesus, Jesus,
Where did we lose the love?
Too much ego,
Yeah, amigo,
It’s chokin’ that poor dove.

Oh, Jesus! You tried to teach us that the altar is within.
We got it all mixed up, and now it’s all about sin,
With an unhealthy dose of spin.

Oh, Jesus, Jesus,
Where did we lose the love?
Seems compassion’s out of fashion,
But the light’s still shining from above.

Oh, Jesus! You tried to teach us that forgiveness is the way.
Help us wake up to love, so we can honestly say
We love all humankind today.


10. Fear  (4:23)

We’re fighting a war on terror
With terror as our guide.
And terror the by-product
The war is creating outside.

How strange that this “New Millennium”
Is just like fifty years ago.
We’re tossing around the nuclear bomb
Like we’re just playing G.I. Joe!!

Fear –
What are we afraid of?
Keep running away from?
Keep buying off time after time?
Fear –
Looking over our shoulder.
Feel our hearts getting colder,
Closing our minds.

They say that today is “Code Orange” –
We’re in DANGER – Oh No!
We’d better not ask any questions.
For the good of the government, stay low.

They say they can beat all the terror,
With bombs and then more bombs, but how?
When people the world ‘round have nothing,
And we consume more than the Earth will allow.  CHORUS

Oh, we must have the courage to keep going on,
Keep asking the unanswered questions,
‘Til we stop every bomb.

I’ll tell you what I am afraid of –
That we have forgotten how to care,
Thinking money and greed will provide all we need,
And forgetting the Earth has a share.

Will fear lead us into more darkness?
Or will we let Love take the lead?
I’ve heard it can heal, I believe that is real,
And it truly is all that we need.  CHORUS

Oh, we must have the courage to keep going on,
Keep seeking the classified answers,
‘Til we stop every bomb.  ‘We must stop every bomb.


11. Potlucks for Peace (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmOAL0oHHiE, https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/sharonabreuwithmichaelhu2)  (2:58)

We gather together to break bread and heal,
To share our concerns and the fear that we feel.
We serve up hope that will not cease,
At this great communion, a Potluck for Peace.

We cook and we share, and as we fill our bowls,
We feed our minds and nourish our souls,
We open our hearts and plan our next move.
Peace is the postulate we're here to prove.

At Potlucks for Peace,
Gather 'round, all fears release.
Come share some food, a thought, a prayer,
For peace in our hearts, here and everywhere.

We may not have "pot", but "luck" here abounds!
As peace flows through us, from the sky to the ground.
We connect to the Earth, ourselves, and all hearts.
In a world needing peace, this is where it starts. Chorus
Here and everywhere! At Pot-lucks for Peace.


12. Left Hand of God (www.spiritualprogressives.org)  (3:58)

I want to sit at the Left Hand of God,
I want to sit at the Left Hand of God.
I want to live my life in peace,
Feel anxiety release,
In kindness, compassion and love.

Why would I go anywhere else,
If I knew my way home,
If I knew myself?

I want to sit at the Left Hand of God,
I want to sit at the Left Hand of God.

I’m gonna let the tears flow,
In joy or sadness, let them go,
Let the waters of life be set free.

At the Left Hand of God,
That’s where you’ll find me.

Won’t you join me?
Won’t you join me?

As I join with the Divine,
In a New Bottom Line,
I see forgiveness unfold all around me.
And my heart, free from sin,
Begins to let love in.

I find meaning in this life of mine,
Gonna stop and take some time,
Appreciate the grand design.
And sit at the Left Hand of God,
Sit at the Left Hand of God.

Why would I go anywhere else,
If I knew my way home,
If I knew myself?

I’m gonna sit at the Left Hand of God,
I’m gonna sit at the Left Hand of God.

The light of Heaven on my face,
I see the whole human race
Glow with generosity,
Heal all animosity,
Celebrate civility,
Embrace sustainability,
Feel the Earth’s pulse beating in our heart,
Hear it singing, “We were never apart.”

And we’ll sit at the Left Hand of God,
We’ll sit at the Left Hand of God.

Why would I go anywhere else,
If I knew my way home,
If I knew myself?

Shalom aleichem,
A salaam aleikum,
Paz, liebe, libertad,

Here at the Left Hand of God. (3x)


copyright © 2019 by Michael Hurwicz and Sharon Abreu