Two passionate, harmonious voices for being, feeling, speaking and singing peace!

Song for Wangari Mathaai

The Delta 5

Quiet Skies

Democratic National Convention Delegates Uniting for Peace

It's Time for Peace

"Wild, Wild River" Live @ WomensRadio Guerrilla Showcase 2009-08-20

"Tomorrow's Children" - House Concert with Pete Seeger

"Irthlingz Teaser" Live @ WomensRadio Guerrilla Showcase 2009-08-22

The Climate Monologues: Excerpts

Excerpts: Economology, Tomorrow's Children, The Food Chain Song

Singing Minstrels - Teaching Kids about Climate Change

Where Is Tomorrow's Farmer? (2010 update)

Please Don't Call It Theater When You're Talking About War

Good-bye, Oil !

Climate Change Sing-Along

Energy Efficiency

BePeace Foundations Course at Whidbey Institute Aug. 1-4

Still Asking Why

Sharon's Ecospeakers Video

Orcas Sustainable Living Fair 2009 - Introduction

International Day of Climate Action on Orcas Island, WA (

Tree Hugger

The Cheap Energy Store (part 1)

The Cheap Energy Store (part 2)

Clean Coal - Savior of Mankind

Penguins on Thin Ice
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